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All Queda’s Aiman al Zawahiri has recently asked for all terrorist factions to join forces against the West. Furthermore, he has asked average citizens to turn against the U.S. He preys upon dejected people who feel hopeless and are looking to committ suicide, to take out as many people in the process. Essentially to take down America from within. Furthermore U.S. military force abroad simply acts as an extension for Al Queda interests, because they simply set up shop wherever our forces destroy, to garner strength from the dejected masses.

Some ways to stop them would be to:
1) Create jobs so people can get back to work so anomie does not set in.
2) Create a better atmosphere for everyone to feel needed in society, help them by creating budgets with them and learn how to make money, which conservatives are failing at doing, and extend a helping hand and never give them handouts.
3) The C.I.A. should simply do everything in their power to turn terrorist factions against one another.
4) We should consider limiting the growth and spread of Islam until hatred ceases, in which case only time will tell. People are only now, after 40 years, going back to North Vietnam. Time heals.