Overdraft fees

People who consistently recieve overdraft fees in their bank accounts demonstrate an inability to manage funds properly. If you accrue more than 200.00 dollars in overdraft fees per year, then you could be saving 200.00 per year by knowing how to manage your money. All you have to do is never trust the amount that is reflecting the “available balance” in your account. You simply have to know what forthcoming expenses are going to happen, and what those future deductions will leave you with in the coming days. Believe it or not, most businesses fail because of the needless attrition of money from their accounts. You have the power to stop this pattern of behavior. You too can learn to Budget-In-Excel.

bank lines


Bank lines are the new soup kitchen lines. In a day and age where very few people can pass a drug test, and/or background check, it makes it tremendously difficult for banks to get trustworthy help. This workforce problem is coupled with the problem of an unmotivated youth population base. The effects of an unmotivated workforce culminate in long lines at the bank. When the banks do hire people, they stay just long enough to gain enough experience to leave small towns like the one I live in, which makes it very difficult for small businesses like ours to be sustainable. Especially when only counter credit teller deposits are the only method to insure direct deposits into your account, where every other possible deposit method can take from the next business day up to a week around the holidays. The above picture is any typical time on any given day, which stresses business to the limit when time is money.

When to Spend

Unless you practice saving your receipts after every single transaction, then you are not ready to budget. Once you track your receipts by taking them home, sitting down to place the expense in your B.I.E., then and only then should you throw your receipt away. That is of course, unless you need to retain your receipt.

Never underestimate a receipt in a transaction, and always retain the power in a transaction by knowing what is happening with your money at all times. The math you use in your B.I.E. is the same math the banks should use, although they trick you into giving them money through fees.

If you do not know what a B.I.E. is yet, then educate yourself by clicking here.

Economic Success

Economic success is when the human mind learns to stop their frivolous spending behaviors. Success is when the human mind learns that they live beyond their means from month to month. Debt is horrible, and anyone who is on debt can easily get out of it. You simply have to learn that you are in debt, and its a result of your persistent living beyond your means spending behavior. How else are you going to know if you are living beyond your means unless you write it down? You must write down anticipated expenses for the month ahead before they happen. If you do not, then you will be perpetually beholden to the banks. You are beholden to the banks determining what the availability of funds are in your account. I propose a new, updated, electronic approach. I propose Budget-In-Excel. Once you learn to budget-in-excel, then you can visualize your expenses before they happen. Once you see them before they happen, you can make better informed decisions about a purchase that you may want to make here or there. If you did not build a budget-in-excel, then you would simply be dependent upon the banks telling you how much you have available to spend, which is never accurate because of “pending” transactions. The banks are designed to trick you into paying them, because they are banking on the fact that you suck at money management. Most banks are right, and many people end up spending more money in overdraft fees than they do in saving money each month. I want to reverse this phenomenon in society. Help me reverse it by learning my B.I.E.

Ron Paul Message_recent dire warning about economy

Here we go again: FEAR – FEAR – FEAR!!!
Why do companies insist on provoking fear among the American populous? The latest fear-mongering comes from none else than Ron Paul. Yes, he’s back. Visit http://www.RonPaulMessage28.com. He says there will be a worse financial crisis, social unrest, life savings wiped out, economic collapse around the world. This is ridiculous. Above all, it is obvious that Stansberry and Associates simply paid Ron Paul, who apparently does not have much income, to do this message for them. Stansberry and Associates even has a fear-mongering disclosure [https://stansberrydisclosures.com/ron5kb/]. You should read this crap. I saw this message on CNN of all places on Sunday 8-2-15, and I do not know how many more times this commercial message will appear on TV, but it is simply ludicrous. Totally unnecessary to stimulate and provoke fear among the populous. Shame on Stansberry and Associates to still try to generate wealth by provoking fear. They are playing the card that the simplest way yo make a lot of money is to scare it out of the citizenry’s pockets.

I aim to help people instead by lifting them up, not scaring them to death. You can make money from your own income, and you must not trust anyone else (like Stansberry and associates or Ron Paul), but you should trust yourself. I provide you a free budget in excel so you can empower yourself and your own finances. Take a look here: https://www.academia.edu/2377652/Budget_in_Excel.

Unemployment attempts 2015

My wife and I are small business owners here in the small town of Casa Grande, Arizona. We try to provide good paying local jobs, and the possibility for advancement in our city and for our state. However, we have had a rash of recent unemployment attempts on both of our businesses. It seems as though no one wants to work anymore. Why are people so lazy all of the sudden? What is happening to America? We try to offer incentive packages for all of our employees including 401k, time and half for over time and holidays. All we ask is that you come into work on time and do your job well. Every time we see someone leave, whether they quit or stop coming into work unannounced, they attempt to claim unemployment benefits here in Arizona. We recently received two more notices that our unemployment accounts were going to be charged because of two people that we originally disputed the claims. We contacted the Arizona DES about these two claims, and they said that their “department that pays money out is less backed up than the department that receives claims.” Therefore, “they were going to charge our unemployment accounts the money for the claims, and then credit us when they get to take a look at them.” My wife rightfully said “shouldn’t they check the claims first, before they decide to charge accounts????” This made me and her so frustrated and furious that there seems to be zero incentive in attempting to own your own business anymore. The people who deserve unemployment are not given the money, but then the people who do not deserve it are given money. This bass-ackwards society makes no sense, and we are feeling really discouraged right now about the state of our Union.

Build Your Own Business

If there is a need for something, do not wait, build it.
Phoenix Mart is a slush fund site here in Casa Grande, AZ, providing false hopes for foreign investors to come to market and display their products on an international stage. Its a lie. It will never be built, because no one knows how to run a shipping business. They led many investors down a primrose path to believe in it, but only to be taken for saps.
Meanwhile, while they continue to struggle to figure out who will occupy their luxury executive suite, once it gets built – if ever, ADE-AYO will continue to do more business in shipping containers to West-Africa than Phoenix Mart will ever do.
Foreign investors will turn to a proven company that knows and understands shipping. ADE-AYO will be there, and Phoenix Mart will never get off the ground.

Economic rebound

The DOW is at an all-time high, and all the Obama naysayers couldn’t collapse America, no matter how hard they tried. Naysayers underestimated American resilience. It wasn’t long ago when the DOW dropped dramatically only to be blamed on someone’s fat-fingers. I must say, I am glad that America went through what it did go through economically, because I would not have been able to pay off 60k in debt, buy a new truck, buy a house, get a new higher paying career job, get married, and have a child with a wonderful new prospect on life, all by simply living within my means and paying down debt with my own income. Believe it or not, many people are one step away from poverty, just one health crisis, one extra unanticipated payment away from poverty. When all you have to do is get a job, and cut down your living expenses to only needs, that is what you can afford. Personal choices in life can only be made by the person making them, and it is therefore no one’s fault but your own if you are in economic dire straights. I earned everything I have all during the Obama Administration. I owe it all to him. You can do it too, because you have the power to believe. You just have to reach out and take advantage of the endless opportunities out there. That is why I teach people for free, wherever I go, how they too can learn how to budget.

Pay it Forward

I created business cards of my free budget to pass out to people. On the card, it states:

Daniel Dybowski
Financial Officer
How to Budget in Excel… for free.



I wanted to give it to everyone I can who I am able to identify as hurting financially. This is very handy to give to people where people come up to you begging for money. I teach people that all they have to do is get a job and live within their means. The free budgeting advice I give to them can make them rich, but they actually have to do all the work themselves to obtain wealth and prosperity. I envision a world where everyone learns this method, and pays it forward, to help people and never tear them down.

Making Generalizations

Every human makes generalizations to support their views on arguments. If you pay attention very closely, you will notice that nearly everyone, almost every time they speak about issues, will make unfounded connections by making sweeping generalizations to conflate an argument in such a way to draw a connection between two unconnected phenomena expressed from their point of view. People do this in an attempt to trick the audience ( i.e. anyone within earshot) to believe them or understand an argument
from their perspective. People feel compelled to be correct in the eyes of others.
Note: Generalizations are better suited for hypothetical arguments, especially when connections cannot be immediately objectified, corroborated, or researched. Generalizations should not be taken as truth, because it distorts the facts and obfuscates reality, thereby creating ignorance in the minds of the recipients of the utterances.