The Banks

I have noticed recently that my Bank, Of which I will not meAntion their name… has only one person working there at any one time. For or five people are usually standing around the door as greeters, but only one teller to handle massive lines, everyday.
In fact, I am writing this post as I sit in traffic waiting for the one teller to handle the one vehicle deposit window.
They either have a real high turnover rate or their workforce they have to hire from here in Casa Grande, AZ, are a bunch of untrustworthy meth heads disinterested in work.
There are job openings here, but you have to make it through the interview process and background check, which eliminates all CG workforce population.
Lord help U.S!


Real-Time Budgeting

When you are budgeting in excel, many of the cell functions built into my spreadsheet enable changes in amounts to interact with other cells to visually display how any of those changes will affect your overall budget. If you focus on cell d20, which is the main cell you want to focus on from month to month, it shows you a figure you need to know in order to know you are living within your means.

Excel budgets are a representation of real-time mathematical computing, which is far faster than how the banks operate. Oftentimes it takes days for your bank to clear “pending” transactions.

Most people dont budget because it takes hard work and effort to maintain perstent behavioral changes to live within your means. Those who are struggling financially simply look at their bank accounts to check the availability of funds to see if they can afford something, which is not management. Management is knowing what every transaction is doing and is going to do to your bottom line. My excel program enables you to have control over your finances, but you MUST put forth the effort to learn it, master it, and perfect it.

Spreading positivity to Others

I began offering my EBook “BIE BIE Debt:How to Budget in Excel,” for free online. I have been doing this, because I do not seek profit like Dave Ramsey. I do not mean to disparage Dave Ramsey, but I move beyond his old paper method which stops your budget once your pencil leaves the paper. I sought to expand on his insight by showing those who may otherwise be disinclined to use Excel, and I take them step-by-step to show them how easy it is to create a budget from scratch. Excel is a computation tool that, if properly trained, could turn this nation around economically, and possibly the world. Once you personally unlock your potential to live within your means from month to month, just by visualizing your expenses versus your income, thus affording proper allocation of excess funds towards debt exponentially as in the debt-snowball, you can feel its raw power. This potential is individually empowering and will positively affect you and everyone you come in contact with.
Please help spread the positivity:

To Tithe or not to Tithe

Tithing is a way to show deference to God, and give back to the Church for their services. The question is how much to give. Many people cannot give because they have nothing. I built a budget in excel that enables the poorest amongst us to map out and live so that they can see their money, how it moves in and out of their account, and what happens to your money before it is spent. The trick to budgeting is that you have to KNOW who it is you do business with on a daily basis, and when money actually enters and leaves your account ount. This is control, and money management. You do everything in excel that your bank is going to do. When you know what is happening with every purchase, you can then know if you can afford more to tithe to church, because you are not alone in your journey.

Be Persistent with your Budget

Focus on every penny in your bank account by giving every penny a name. Do not spend more pennies each month than are necessary for your normal monthly expenses, and try to accrue more money than the previous month to roll over into your monthly balance than the last month. This is “savings” and the definition of “living within your means.”

Isis rise to power

Isis is a barbaric band of Muslim extremists who sought to go further than al Al Queda, drawing nearly all of its recruits into their suicidal warrior group. In their minds, they simply have to sacrifice one soldier to kill as many westerners as possible before they die. If they actually sat down to do the math, with the current numbers and birth rates, they would have to kill 100 to 120 people before dying themselves. The truth is, there arent that many people living in the Middleast as opposed to the West. Their strategy is flawed. Given the far right political climate, it is not inconceivable that the West will conduct a justifiable pogrom in the Middle East very soon if the far right has their way, if jihadis continue to appear unstoppable.

When the world is running low on oil, a sharp drop in human population, and no forces to defend Middle Eastern oil, would create the conditions for justifiable warfare against Jihadis. Word of advice, Jihadis had better drop their weapons and walk away from all of this, they may just bring about the demise of the entire Middle East.

Restoring Yourself to Power

If you have a degree, do you make more money than someone without a degree in your company? Do you have a job? Does anyone you know of without a degree, or a degree lower than yours, make more money than you? Do you feel your degree was worth the cost?

These are common questions that many Americans who have passed through the American education system, and are passing through the system, are facing in an American economy. Many people with Masters degrees, or PhDs are settling for $10.00 per hour jobs. Is this because business owners are greedy rich? No. They are not rich. They are struggling too. They would pay, but there are spots to fill, and people with degrees are settling for less right now. What’s your degree in? What can you apply your skills towards? Now ask yourself are you worth more than the person without a degree? Now go find your niche in the world.

Through finance, and my abilities to organize spreadsheets – from archaeologist to financial officer – I did. You can too. Be positive.

Bank Fees into the New Year

My Bank, Of which I will not mention their nAme, recently entirely roiled up our payroll for our business. They use the New Year holiday to generate money for themselves, every year. They intentionally make transaction pending over an inordinate amount of time around the single January 1st holiday that they specifically prey on businesses who try to make holiday payroll to pay their employees. They make transactions pending, then they pounce the moment a check bounces, and they charge you a $35.00 fee per returned check, and they also charge the person who tried cashing their pay check a $12.00 fee for trying to cash their paycheck but bouncing it out of their control. This unfair business practice leave banks perpetually in a monopolistic loop of making money on January 1st off of everyone the ripple effect affects in the entire banking industry. They probably generate so much money on January 1st that they seriously question why it is they stay open for the rest of the year. My bank is not in it for you, my bank is in it for the money, and they can care less about you.

This is why I advocate time and time again that you should budget and never place yourself in the financial situation of getting fees over and over. These recurring fees are a pattern of poor fiscal management. It is incredibly difficult to be a participant, watch it all happen, and then point the finger at others and say how I could have avoided it, when nothing changes the fact that businesses are struggling nowadays to make payroll. I would love to bring on new employees, but we could not afford it right now. We are barely scraping by. I question why are we putting ourselves through this, unless there is a clear financial victory at the end?

Budgeting into a Financial Position

I am grateful for the family I married into to give me a chance to formally implement my passionĀ for finance by becoming a 30k per year to 45k per year financial analyst and compliance officer at their home health company. I initially began a budget for myself, as an archaeologist in debt. I made very little income as an archaeologist and had to justify my meager income by saying at least it was something that I loved to do. However, as I started to climb out of debt, I realized the positivity I exuded to others. I constantly espoused my budget to others, to the point of annoying people about the “b” word. I didn’t care – I wanted to be positive, and help others who were listening to me and that I knew were hurting and not budgeting themselves. It takes effort to reach others, and not everyone is amenable to listen. I don’t care how many people get irritated by my incessant talking about budgeting – I am aiming for only the few people who are willing to a) listen, b) try it out for themselves, and c) implement it to the point where they thank me, or make it work form themselves but never thank me. I am happy if others are happy. There are far too many people in society right now who are hurting, when they should not be hurting. The hard work is organization, time management, and knowing who it is and when you do business with them on a daily basis. How do you know who it is you do business with on a daily basis? You have to get scientific. I talk about how to set up every single expense in my EBook. I offer my EBook at a very cheap price, because I know people who are hurting can only afford very little. But I guarantee you, it is worth the five bucks. Check it out yourself here!

Good luck to everyone in the new year! Now let’s turn this nation around and become a fiscally responsible, financial giant in the new year.

Graphical Plots of Money Growth Over Time

In this blog, I show you how easy it is to plot your budget in excel (B.I.E.), according to your specific B.I.E.

Remember, in the B.I.E., cell D20 is generally the most important cell. It is going to have the left-over money after all monthly expense obligations are measured against your month’s income. What you see here is August 2015:

fig 1

Now, as you look through the next few months in your B.I.E. you will see that cell D20 is the most important cell because it tells you if you are living comfortably within your means or not. What you see next are September and October 2015:

fig 2

fig 3

Since it appears we are living within our means (referring to cell D20 in each month) from month to month within this set of months for 2015, going from $4,368.01 to $8,403.17, we have successfully accumulated over $4,000 dollars within just three months by living according to our budget. Now we want to capture this positive growth in a graphical plot. To do this, you can create another separate worksheet and simply line up all the months along with the year in column A, and place the respective amounts from cells D20 in column B, like this:

fig 4

Disregard the zero amounts. The way I linked the amounts in column B is easy. I simply placed in the cell “=sum(“, then I navigated away from the worksheet to cell D20 in the month of August 2015 then I clicked on it and hit “enter.”

I did this for every month’s cell D20 thereafter and created this graphical plot by going to the insert tab, going to line chart, and selecting my data. All the data would simply be the contents within both columns A and B. Then I hit enter, and it created this plot.

For more Excel help and how to set up your own B.I.E., please email me or refer to my E Book.