Economic success is when the human mind learns to stop their frivolous spending behaviors. Success is when the human mind learns that they live beyond their means from month to month. Debt is horrible, and anyone who is on debt can easily get out of it. You simply have to learn that you are in debt, and its a result of your persistent living beyond your means spending behavior. How else are you going to know if you are living beyond your means unless you write it down? You must write down anticipated expenses for the month ahead before they happen. If you do not, then you will be perpetually beholden to the banks. You are beholden to the banks determining what the availability of funds are in your account. I propose a new, updated, electronic approach. I propose Budget-In-Excel. Once you learn to budget-in-excel, then you can visualize your expenses before they happen. Once you see them before they happen, you can make better informed decisions about a purchase that you may want to make here or there. If you did not build a budget-in-excel, then you would simply be dependent upon the banks telling you how much you have available to spend, which is never accurate because of “pending” transactions. The banks are designed to trick you into paying them, because they are banking on the fact that you suck at money management. Most banks are right, and many people end up spending more money in overdraft fees than they do in saving money each month. I want to reverse this phenomenon in society. Help me reverse it by learning my B.I.E.