Here we go again: FEAR – FEAR – FEAR!!!
Why do companies insist on provoking fear among the American populous? The latest fear-mongering comes from none else than Ron Paul. Yes, he’s back. Visit He says there will be a worse financial crisis, social unrest, life savings wiped out, economic collapse around the world. This is ridiculous. Above all, it is obvious that Stansberry and Associates simply paid Ron Paul, who apparently does not have much income, to do this message for them. Stansberry and Associates even has a fear-mongering disclosure []. You should read this crap. I saw this message on CNN of all places on Sunday 8-2-15, and I do not know how many more times this commercial message will appear on TV, but it is simply ludicrous. Totally unnecessary to stimulate and provoke fear among the populous. Shame on Stansberry and Associates to still try to generate wealth by provoking fear. They are playing the card that the simplest way yo make a lot of money is to scare it out of the citizenry’s pockets.

I aim to help people instead by lifting them up, not scaring them to death. You can make money from your own income, and you must not trust anyone else (like Stansberry and associates or Ron Paul), but you should trust yourself. I provide you a free budget in excel so you can empower yourself and your own finances. Take a look here: