My wife and I are small business owners here in the small town of Casa Grande, Arizona. We try to provide good paying local jobs, and the possibility for advancement in our city and for our state. However, we have had a rash of recent unemployment attempts on both of our businesses. It seems as though no one wants to work anymore. Why are people so lazy all of the sudden? What is happening to America? We try to offer incentive packages for all of our employees including 401k, time and half for over time and holidays. All we ask is that you come into work on time and do your job well. Every time we see someone leave, whether they quit or stop coming into work unannounced, they attempt to claim unemployment benefits here in Arizona. We recently received two more notices that our unemployment accounts were going to be charged because of two people that we originally disputed the claims. We contacted the Arizona DES about these two claims, and they said that their “department that pays money out is less backed up than the department that receives claims.” Therefore, “they were going to charge our unemployment accounts the money for the claims, and then credit us when they get to take a look at them.” My wife rightfully said “shouldn’t they check the claims first, before they decide to charge accounts????” This made me and her so frustrated and furious that there seems to be zero incentive in attempting to own your own business anymore. The people who deserve unemployment are not given the money, but then the people who do not deserve it are given money. This bass-ackwards society makes no sense, and we are feeling really discouraged right now about the state of our Union.