When you are budgeting in excel, many of the cell functions built into my spreadsheet enable changes in amounts to interact with other cells to visually display how any of those changes will affect your overall budget. If you focus on cell d20, which is the main cell you want to focus on from month to month, it shows you a figure you need to know in order to know you are living within your means.

Excel budgets are a representation of real-time mathematical computing, which is far faster than how the banks operate. Oftentimes it takes days for your bank to clear “pending” transactions.

Most people dont budget because it takes hard work and effort to maintain perstent behavioral changes to live within your means. Those who are struggling financially simply look at their bank accounts to check the availability of funds to see if they can afford something, which is not management. Management is knowing what every transaction is doing and is going to do to your bottom line. My excel program enables you to have control over your finances, but you MUST put forth the effort to learn it, master it, and perfect it.