I began offering my EBook “BIE BIE Debt:How to Budget in Excel,” for free online. I have been doing this, because I do not seek profit like Dave Ramsey. I do not mean to disparage Dave Ramsey, but I move beyond his old paper method which stops your budget once your pencil leaves the paper. I sought to expand on his insight by showing those who may otherwise be disinclined to use Excel, and I take them step-by-step to show them how easy it is to create a budget from scratch. Excel is a computation tool that, if properly trained, could turn this nation around economically, and possibly the world. Once you personally unlock your potential to live within your means from month to month, just by visualizing your expenses versus your income, thus affording proper allocation of excess funds towards debt exponentially as in the debt-snowball, you can feel its raw power. This potential is individually empowering and will positively affect you and everyone you come in contact with.
Please help spread the positivity: https://www.academia.edu/2377652/Budget_in_Excel