If you have a degree, do you make more money than someone without a degree in your company? Do you have a job? Does anyone you know of without a degree, or a degree lower than yours, make more money than you? Do you feel your degree was worth the cost?

These are common questions that many Americans who have passed through the American education system, and are passing through the system, are facing in an American economy. Many people with Masters degrees, or PhDs are settling for $10.00 per hour jobs. Is this because business owners are greedy rich? No. They are not rich. They are struggling too. They would pay, but there are spots to fill, and people with degrees are settling for less right now. What’s your degree in? What can you apply your skills towards? Now ask yourself are you worth more than the person without a degree? Now go find your niche in the world.

Through finance, and my abilities to organize spreadsheets – from archaeologist to financial officer – I did. You can too. Be positive.