My Bank, Of which I will not mention their nAme, recently entirely roiled up our payroll for our business. They use the New Year holiday to generate money for themselves, every year. They intentionally make transaction pending over an inordinate amount of time around the single January 1st holiday that they specifically prey on businesses who try to make holiday payroll to pay their employees. They make transactions pending, then they pounce the moment a check bounces, and they charge you a $35.00 fee per returned check, and they also charge the person who tried cashing their pay check a $12.00 fee for trying to cash their paycheck but bouncing it out of their control. This unfair business practice leave banks perpetually in a monopolistic loop of making money on January 1st off of everyone the ripple effect affects in the entire banking industry. They probably generate so much money on January 1st that they seriously question why it is they stay open for the rest of the year. My bank is not in it for you, my bank is in it for the money, and they can care less about you.

This is why I advocate time and time again that you should budget and never place yourself in the financial situation of getting fees over and over. These recurring fees are a pattern of poor fiscal management. It is incredibly difficult to be a participant, watch it all happen, and then point the finger at others and say how I could have avoided it, when nothing changes the fact that businesses are struggling nowadays to make payroll. I would love to bring on new employees, but we could not afford it right now. We are barely scraping by. I question why are we putting ourselves through this, unless there is a clear financial victory at the end?