I am grateful for the family I married into to give me a chance to formally implement my passion for finance by becoming a 30k per year to 45k per year financial analyst and compliance officer at their home health company. I initially began a budget for myself, as an archaeologist in debt. I made very little income as an archaeologist and had to justify my meager income by saying at least it was something that I loved to do. However, as I started to climb out of debt, I realized the positivity I exuded to others. I constantly espoused my budget to others, to the point of annoying people about the “b” word. I didn’t care – I wanted to be positive, and help others who were listening to me and that I knew were hurting and not budgeting themselves. It takes effort to reach others, and not everyone is amenable to listen. I don’t care how many people get irritated by my incessant talking about budgeting – I am aiming for only the few people who are willing to a) listen, b) try it out for themselves, and c) implement it to the point where they thank me, or make it work form themselves but never thank me. I am happy if others are happy. There are far too many people in society right now who are hurting, when they should not be hurting. The hard work is organization, time management, and knowing who it is and when you do business with them on a daily basis. How do you know who it is you do business with on a daily basis? You have to get scientific. I talk about how to set up every single expense in my EBook. I offer my EBook at a very cheap price, because I know people who are hurting can only afford very little. But I guarantee you, it is worth the five bucks. Check it out yourself here!

Good luck to everyone in the new year! Now let’s turn this nation around and become a fiscally responsible, financial giant in the new year.