In this blog, I show you how easy it is to plot your budget in excel (B.I.E.), according to your specific B.I.E.

Remember, in the B.I.E., cell D20 is generally the most important cell. It is going to have the left-over money after all monthly expense obligations are measured against your month’s income. What you see here is August 2015:

fig 1

Now, as you look through the next few months in your B.I.E. you will see that cell D20 is the most important cell because it tells you if you are living comfortably within your means or not. What you see next are September and October 2015:

fig 2

fig 3

Since it appears we are living within our means (referring to cell D20 in each month) from month to month within this set of months for 2015, going from $4,368.01 to $8,403.17, we have successfully accumulated over $4,000 dollars within just three months by living according to our budget. Now we want to capture this positive growth in a graphical plot. To do this, you can create another separate worksheet and simply line up all the months along with the year in column A, and place the respective amounts from cells D20 in column B, like this:

fig 4

Disregard the zero amounts. The way I linked the amounts in column B is easy. I simply placed in the cell “=sum(“, then I navigated away from the worksheet to cell D20 in the month of August 2015 then I clicked on it and hit “enter.”

I did this for every month’s cell D20 thereafter and created this graphical plot by going to the insert tab, going to line chart, and selecting my data. All the data would simply be the contents within both columns A and B. Then I hit enter, and it created this plot.

For more Excel help and how to set up your own B.I.E., please email me or refer to my E Book.