Back in 2013, I wrote an E Book with the same title as this blog. In that book, I teach people how to easily set up a budget in Excel, so that even the poorest people among us in society can go to the library, take out their flash drive, and open their spreadsheet. Are people doing this? I do not know. It is up to you to implement your own pace to debt-freedom. I cannot make you budget. All I can tell you is how easy it is to do it, and how simple it can be to open up your potential to envision that there really is light at the end of the debt tunnel.

Here is an example of how complex my budget is. It may be confusing to you now, but this is a result of pain-staking mental labor, anguish, frustration, and then ultimately clarity – to my debt resolution.

budget in excel_example


For all of those individuals who have visited my blog to read, I want to personally thank you for the traffic and interest. From this point on, in my blogs, I will only refer to how to properly implement how to Budget-In-Excel.


Good luck!