I just married the most wonderful woman on Earth. Sayo and I are blessed. Yes I said “blessed.” I am not afraid to say that we are blessed by God, through Jesus Christ. If you believe, good things happen to you. If you believe in yourself, then you will become wealthy. If you listen, and pay attention to those around you who are doing well in life, then you will prosper too.

My blog was originally designed to teach people the power of living within your means, and grow wealth through your own income. I wrote an E book, back in 2013 about how anyone – from the lowest income wage earners to the highest, can simply manage their own income versus their expenses to insure that you live within your means and gain wealth. Throw away the check register, and move your life into Microsoft Excel. It is ubiquitous, and nearly everyone has a computer nowadays – SO DO IT!!!

I am back, and I am going to continue to write about how to become successful through the power of managing your own income. This is free advice, and much like Dave Ramsey, I too want everyone in the world to know and understand basic conservative principals that can gain you wealth and happiness. Sayo and I look forward to spreading our positive attitude to anyone who wants to read my blog and take our sage words of wisdom. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!