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OPES Financial Solutions stopped by my house today and frankly, we had a candid conversation of the state of our economy and of society, and the debt woes each American faces.
96% of American’s are in debt. 4% are rich, wealthy, or well-off. Why don’t those who are not well-off simply reach out to those who are and ask them how they got wealthy? Do not blame them for being rich. Being rich is a result of hard work, and they are deserved of every penny they earned in their lives. They do not owe society anything. But, what can be done, is setting up financial solutions businesses that help people who are willing to help themselves, like OPES financial solutions. They are there to help you, to learn about you, to find out what and how You can help You become rich. OPES is a Texas based institution that has many locations in California and Arizona. They reach out to those in need, and are poised for growth in an economic climate that needs financial satiation. Listen and listen well, because a financial revolution is about to take place in America…. and the world.