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It seems as though one can try to reach out to others as much as they can to help them with finances, but they will always ascribe your successes to something that it is not. For example, if someone is living by a tight and strict budget, and capable of spending less than they make from month to month, and is obviously showing signs of progress, like buying a new home or a new car, then the only obvious answer to others must be that the person having great success is a drug dealer – or independently wealthy – or they hit the lottery.
Even when most people want to be successful, they for whatever reason, disregard the advice of successful people. For instance, I learned of a program called SCORE, which teaches people how to live within their means by building a budget, and also teaches them how to start and build a small business. They teach you how to obtain an EIN number, and how to get a business license from City Hall wherever you live. They teach you how to file TPTs each month. But for whatever reason, the drive is not behind people’s emotions to want to make something for themselves in society. I believe most people are conditioned to think that they are worth less, and that they have to always work for someone else in order to live. They are dependent upon someone else in order to get their next meal, and they are complacent and comfortable with that. None of this is bad, but where is the motivation to make America great again!!?

We need another financial revolution in this country that begins with small businesses that thrive. We need people to become motivated, and envision that possibility to become rich, or aspire to at least become wealthy and have a family. Do not settle for less, and always throw caution to the wind and break the slavery bonds that hold you hostage to a 9-5 day job, and become an entrepreneur.

Be bold!