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Have you ever wondered if you can actually get yourself out of debt, but cannot envision it on your income? Let me tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, so long as you have income. The income you make is a microcosm of your overall problem. If you learn, and learn you must, that you are spending more than you bring in each month, then there is your problem. The problem is rooted in math, and your own behavior. Telling someone to change their behavior never works, because they will think that you are a narcissistic, pretentious know-it-all who is trying to rub your success in their face. Of course it is the opposite, and your ego denies you from learning the advice. They are trying to help you and you should listen. Where’s the harm in trying to learn your own spending behavior pattern? Map out your budget and change your life forever. Check out clearpoint debt assistance online, just type in clearpoint and debt or budgeting in any search engine. Or click here.