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The key to budgeting is recognizing that you are not doing it right. That’s right – break through your narcissism, and entertain the possibility that you just may be wrong sometimes. Humility is key. Going to church and engaging thoughtfully in debt discussion with someone who is winning is the first step. Be humble before them and listen well. They will provide to you valuable insight that is free of charge. The only thing you have to do is listen, and carry through with their information. God exists because people believe in Him, and He is there for you because He creates a gathering of people who care for each other, and is willing to get you to see your goals even if you are deep in debt.

Recovering from financial problems is the solution to all of your problems. If you learn how to budget, like I have been able to do in Excel, just may be the key to success in life. Even if I measure success in terms of contributions I can make on my fellow human beings (quote from Margaret Mead), I hope that this simple blog posting is fulfilling that aim.