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Tithing is important. Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is Gods. These words were uttered and revolutionized the world. They evoke so much anger and hostility in people and separate non-believers from believers. The reason behind those words were to garner strength from the masses of people who wished to support a growing phenomenon in a group of people who wish well on each other. They wanted to support the “church” but did not yet know it was a church, but just a gathering of people who chose to listen to good words. Karen Armstrong says it best in her book “A Case For God” that early Greeks knew the difference between logos (logic) and mythos (mythical), two different realms of thought, but both were equal in the sense that they were complementary to one another.

Today, we think that logos replaces the mythos, or that the mythos must replace the logos, which should not be so. People who attend church partake in the ritual enactment of holy communion, and gather to listen to good words, as Jesus would have done. This is why we tithe, to help continue and support the gathering of people under one roof to listen to and discuss ancient wisdom. If you tithe, good things will happen to you. Positive things will happen to you. The logos may never be able to understand this, but that is OK. Strive for positivity in whatever it is you do, and good things will happen to you and around you. Reject despair, and help someone out. This is what it means to be Christian.