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In economics, we plan for the future. We all want to maximixe the return on our investments when we are ready to cash in. The preparation and planning we do at the start sets the stages for future benefit. I do not yet have children, but my fiance and I have been talking about them, so when we do I want to grow money on trees. That’s right, if you didn’t know it, money can actually grow on trees. Do not utter the old cliche at a nursury, arboretum, or botanical garden. Heck – don’t even make fun of “money doesn’t grow on trees” at a Wallmart garden center or any grocery store. It is a lie. Now of course, money does not actually grow on trees, but it takes a little thought to extend the logic out a bit. I grow saguaro cacti from seeds. Many people laugh at me and tell me I will never live long enough to enjoy their full growth. This may be true, but it is a pessimistic view. They are for my future children to sell. As the kids age, saguaros grow with them and accrue value commensurate with their size. In this sense, money does grow on trees.