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A wealthy philanthropist tips a young waitress at the Peachtree restaraunt because he feels sad for her 20k tuition debt. Not only did he pay her tuition, but he is fronting money for her Masters degree in nursing at his healthcare facilities. What do I have to do to get lucky like this? What is the moral of this story for average Americans? That’s right… you need a sugar daddy! Just go give a sob story to a wealthy entrpreneur and you can make it in America! I wonder how the other waitresses felt at the Peachtree who wished they waited on old Benjamin?
The point is you are not going to hit the lottery, nor are you going to find a sugar daddy. You are going to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get yourself out of the debt you created, learn behaviors that will get you out of debt, practice those behaviors over and over until you are out of debt, and master them so they create nothing but positive revenue for future capital once you are out of debt. That poor nurse will still have her past behaviors and continue to think that someone will always be there to bail her out, while you are on your way to becoming rich in heart, spirit, and money.