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Today, my fiance and I just bought a beautiful new truck. I learned my credit is at 749, which is 39 points higher than just a month ago. Paying down debt pays off.

I learned that habitual practices of paying monthly payments on vehicle loans can be done in a different way to save you thousands of dollars on the life of a loan. You just have to break habitual practices. Instead of making monthly payments of 660 per month, and a month generally has 4 weeks in it, it would equal 48 weeks of payments, but there are 52 weeks in a year, which means 4 weeks of money is going to the banks. You can instead force biweekly payments (every two weeks) of 330, which will turn a 30 year loan into a 17 year loan, and save you 4000 to 5000 dollars over the life of the loan. This is sage advice!