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Margaret Mead once said, “I measure success in terms of contributions one makes on his or her fellow human beings.” The only two contemporary people that I know who live by this ethic are Dave Ramsey and William Brieger. Both are role models of mine. They impact lives in finance and health. Dave Ramsey tells people the truth about what they need to do to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Bill Brieger is a medical doctor at Johns Hopkins who is helping in curing malaria disease, specifically in Nigeria. I honestly want to be like both of these giants. I wish I had the power to impact lives in a positive way, beginning with the budget, which is something I know works. I just need to break out and start getting positive feedback from people. The problem I see, is most people who consult me for advice will take it, but claim they did it themselves. I see no problem with this, because positively impacting peoples lives is my goal, regardless if I receive acclaim or not. I just want to begin seeing the nation turn around and reject despair and pessimism. I want to see the world prosper.