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I always get asked which debt to pay down first. Is it the higher interest rate debt, or lowest debt? Dave Ramsey says to line your debts up from smallest to largest and pay minimum on all of them except the lowest one… throw everything you can muster at it until it is gone! This process works, and it allowed me to go from a 365 credit rating to 730 in just two years. I bought a house, got engaged, started a business, wrote an E-Book on how to set up a budget in Excel, so easy anyone can do it. I have nothing but a mortgage and some student loans in front of me, totaling around 200k. How does that compare to your debt? And I AM POSITIVE ABOUT IT! I am not worried about the money, because my fiance and I will make more, and get out of debt together, with this proven plan.

Here is a link to my E-Book: