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I am preparing to get married and just went through our first marriage counseling class with our Pastor. In the course, I confirmed what I already knew about financial preparedness with Sayo. I know she is a spender and I am more frugal with my money. That’s OK. I just have to budget with her spending patterns in mind. I just want to harness her power of spending by earning points on whatever she spends our money on by getting her her own American Express card. So long as I map out our budget into the future and I can see how much she spends our money on, as well as myself, we will be better prepared for emergencies. If I properly account for all of our money and where it is going, I should have no problem managing our money in Excel. I want to make our finances a source of strength, and not a source of strife in our relationship, and I know that mapping it out so we can both see it (i.e. what will happen in our account before it [the purchase] actually takes place). Knowing is key to budgeting!