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If you are like me, then all your friends will make fun of you because you are on a budget. There are a couple of reasons why they make fun of you, 1) they have never had to live on a budget themselves and may be independently wealthy by virtue of inheritance, or 2) they love to poke fun at you to enhance their own status in the eyes of others present by telling everyone else that they are so well off that they do not need to budget their money.
Rule number one: Never laugh at someone who budgets, because they are practicing conservative values that will go a long way. They are behavior patterns that help you in times of need, and will insure that you never do suffer emergencies when they undoubtedly occur.
Rule number two: If you poke fun at someone on a budget, and low and behold, you yourself suffer some drastic emergency where suddenly you need to be on one, do not come crawling back to me because of your poor money managing skills.
Rule number three: When you laugh at someone else about the virtue they are trying to espouse to others, which to me is a positive virtue, then do not make negative comments about something like a budget unless you yourself have actually attempted one.
I understand that there will be naysayers out there about my budget in Excel program that I espouse on my blog. I know that I cannot make society start doing it, just because I offer virtually free advice on how to avoid debt. The reality is, many people outside of the United States have tremendous interest in my budget, and have been downloading it regularly from my academia.edu account. At least people outside of the US are interested in winning. I do not know why Americans find the fact that our nation is in tremendous collective debt to be funny, a collective debt that is a result of millions and millions of individual debts. The fact that the nation is collapsing before our very eyes is not a laughing matter. This is War.