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It is extremely difficult to get people to learn something from you. Zig Ziglar says that you become spiritually enriched if you pay something forward. I am trying to pay something forward, i.e. teach people how to budget in excel, but it is extremely difficult to actually get people to implement what you teach them. I gave my budget-in-excel know-how to people at work, and I have not heard anything back from them yet! I hope they read at least a little bit of it, because it is wisdom. I do not claim to be a prophet, or a profit, but I simply want nothing more than to actually help other people get out of debt by simply implementing something that I found worked for me! I eliminated 40k of debt in just under 2 years making only 30k per year. My BUDGET WORKS!!!

You cannot make people do something. Most times, people come crawling to you when it is too late, when they are actually too far in debt, but I will still be here for you. I am still here. I try to teach youth groups at my church to help give them the know-how of how to avoid debt. Maybe they will listen, and maybe they won’t. I don’t know. I do not know how many people I have or will impact as I move forward with my life’s mission. I may never know. If I positively influence someone with my budget that affects them in a positive way, they may still never let me know, and simply take credit for what they have done themselves. I see this as fine. I am OK with this option, because I only care about helping others, no matter what the outcome. This means that I only care about espousing what it is I have found through debt-elimination, by “attempting” to help others, is sufficient for me. I challenge you to read my book.