Undoubtedly, there is an asshole niche at every job. Whenever an asshole niche becomes vacant, I.e. whenever a life-long asshole retires, there will always be another asshole to take the place of the previous asshole – thus fulfilling the asshole niche theory.

How to deal with Nazi assholes: These are people who constantly have something to prove at work, and are usually rewarded because their qualities are misrecognized as virtues, and the power ego-trips and thin-skins they have as a result of their placement in the hierarchy above you constantly remind you day in and day out that your place is unjustified and unworthy unless you recognize their symbolic and cultural capital they have accrued. They want you, a threat, to recognize their authority, and will continue to press you at work until you finally give in to them. Never give in. This is War.

You can fight back by simply taking every little issue you have with them to a higher authority who may be sympathetic to your concerns. Learn to deal with them and always make it appear to be their fault in the end for things that go wrong since they want to control everything anyways.