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Will the next Republican President Forgive Student loans? As America struggles with its inner-ambivalence between right and left politics, there is yet another manufactured economic bubble crisis brewing. If you remember before George W Bush left office in 2007, he ran to the podium begging Americans for bailouts because of his mismanagement of the American Treasury. As we aimed towards locating ghosts in Afghanistan, Bush naturally decided to instead destabilize the entire Middle East by destroying Iraq, which basically gave the country to Iran for free. Furthermore, the longest war in US history, in Afghanistan, the Taliban are waiting to walk right back in to villages we destroyed to implement Sharia law and find more jihadists sympathetic to their cause.

The point is, the next crisis is student loans. Will Obama come to the podium and beg Americans, with puppy-dog eyes, to bail out colleges and loan companies for going belly up because of students not paying back loans? Will Obama, just like Bush, claim the sky is falling, yet again? How many more manufactured crises can America tolerate before it finally collapses because of congressional disfunctionality? Let’s wait to see what the future holds, because the stack of cards is getting bigger and bigger.