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Advertisements are everywhere. They are at the movie theater, at the gas pumps, on moving vehicles, on the Internet, on TV… etc. We are the American consumer culture, the engine of economic growth and globalization, the engine of capitalism, and the envy of the world. Yet most Americans are poor. Why do you think that is?

We are defenseless. Every day we wake up, we should act like we are entering battle in a war game. People are constantly trying to get into our wallets and separate us from our money. This must stop! You are in charge of your finances and no one else. Do not give in to temptation and fight back by organizing a budget (like my BIE):


We all can win so long as we initially acknowledge that the US citizenry is the battleground for rich people who have no interest in teaching us how to become rich, but remain poor. Fight back by creating your budget.