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Every morning I wake up I take a look at my B.I.E. (Budget-In-Excel). I open my budget and make sure everything matches up with the current activity in my bank account (online). I am not technically checking the availability of funds within my bank account, because if I did it this way by depending upon my bank to make correct additions and subtractions of my money, I would not be fully in control now would I? I like to be in control of my money by simply mapping it out in Excel so I can see EXACTLY when my money is designed to leave my account and to whom my money is being sent and where EXACTLY it is going, how and why. THIS IS MANAGEMENT – NOT BLINDLY DEPENDING ON MY BANK! I follow basic insights in Proverbs, and learned that you must KNOW who you are doing business with. YOU MUST KNOW!! This is the key to management, and SUCCESS.