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If you are budgeting, then by now you have learned that there are literally thousands of available methods to set up a budget. I find that Microsoft Excel works best for me. Many people still rely on the old paper method, which Dave Ramsey espouses in his Total Money Makeover book. Whatever method you choose, you are on the road to financial freedom. Regardless of the method of choice, all budgets enable you to “discover” whether you are living beyond your means. This means that you might be spending more money per month than you bring in as income. I map my budget out in such a way where I can see (by properly allocating) enough money to cover future expenses before they actually happen. I believe that this ability to see into the future in Excel is the key component to any budget. Once you see it, then you are better equipped with the insight to KNOW whether you can “afford” any other unanticipated expenses. Read my E-Book: BIE BIE Debt: How To Budget in Excel, by Daniel Dybowski.