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America is not collapsing, despite what naysayers think. America has been able to thrive with its polarization between parties. It has only been economic cycles, bubbles, and revolutions that two parties have disagreed on since the founding. When naysayers say America is collapsing, they point to poverty and crime. Oddly enough, both crime and poverty are necessarily good signs of a well-functioning Democracy rooted in capitalism. Once everyone is poor in a Socialist country, then there is nothing to steal or take from anyone. This is why Al Queda is moving back into Iraq. Did we collectively miscalculate the growing Socialist threat in the Middleast? They thrive on laying blame on the West, who have largely been successful the past 300 years. Their utopia is a global Socialist society. That is why countries that do not want Democracy will not take on a capitalist economy. They are predisposed to be against it.

America is and always will be a capitalist society that draws people into this country with promises of hope, a good life for you and your family, and a shot at wealth. There is no other place on Earth like this wonderful country.