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Contingent circumstances, or emergencies, can be both positive or negative. So long as the sun comes up the next day, there will be contingencies in your life that just happen. The only thing we can do is to prepare. I do not mean we should save up money – quite the contrary: we should pay down debt. Continuous debt are more and more shackles we place on ourselves that we can either avoid or begin to eliminate in order to prepare for other future contingencies. The only way we can arm ourselves with the knowledge to avoid debt or to pay it down and ward off the burden of emergencies is if we map out our budgets in Excel so we can see them. Once you see what your money does when you make a purchase, and how you can better allocate your money towards your current obligations, then you will be better informed. Being better informed about your money means you are in control of it : that you are worried about it : that you care about MANAGING your money AND YOUR LIFE!