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The country is at a tipping point where the majority think that money is generated by virtue of government hand outs, in a system where the rich do not pay their fair share in taxes. The country is easily divided and pitted against one another as both sides shore up and surround themselves with people of like kind. People of like kind are easily identifiable through the rhetoric they espouse, or symbolic identifiers they wear on their person like crosses around their neck. Everyone practices identifying others as they form preconceptions about those with whom they want to associate themselves. When you are confirmed in your beliefs that the rich should pay their fair share and that they currently do not, then you will espouse your rhetoric amongst groups of individuals that will willingly be your choir that you preach to. Word to the wise: United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

No one seems to know how money is generated anymore. As a nation, we collectively forgot. Our hang over from the nineties .com era got everyone so drunk with narcissism that we thought we knew it all. Now that the government had to step in and stop the country from collapsing by injecting so much money into the system that no wonder many think money simply comes from government.

We have short term memories. As republicans struggle to find someone amongst themselves who can boldly and passionately espouse capitalist rhetoric as Ronald Reagan did, no one is watching the rest of the world where former communist countries are actually engaging in capitalism. How easy is it for a country to slide from one form of economics to the other? Furthermore, how different from one another are these economics systems actually in practice? This is up to you to decide.