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Today, I listened to Sean Hyman’s Biblical Money Code. His message is a good one, but it comes off to me as using the Bible in such a way for his gain. In it, he speaks of not being greedy, but yet he uses the Bible, specifically Proverbs and the teachings of King Solomon, to teach his way to make money from money. The lesson is good, but why can’t I simply read Proverbs to learn the lesson? Sean Hyman wants us to purchase his “Ultimate Wealth Report” along with his “Investing 101 Guide,” but persistently claims it is free. You can discontinue during your first year free trial at any time, but you have to do it if it doesn’t work for you. The onus is on you to contact someone over the phone to discontinue. Be very, very careful when following people who use the Bible for profit. They may be wolves in sheep’s clothing, but if you learn something from him, then maybe it is a good thing for you. I am not ready to sign up to his program, because I have learned a faster, easier method to build wealth, and it does not involve risking it in the stock market large or small. See my earlier blogs and give my 4.99 dollar E-Book a try to see what I am talking about. I use the ubiquitous program Microsoft Excel to show you how to make money from your own income, give yourself a raise, and pay down debt.