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I got tired of using the same user names and passwords for everything. So I simply built a WORD document that contains all my user names and passwords, and the document itself is password protected. Simply open WORD, go to “tools”, “options”, and then “security” to create a password to protect the document. One password is all you need to memorize anymore, in order to get to all of your other ones. Click on my example and save it.

You need a WORD document that has all your business dealings (user names and passwords) in it.

Simply open a WORD document

a 97-2003 version: go to file, save as, tools, general options, and place in a password to open and modify.

a newer version of WORD may be:

tools, options, then protect document, or something.

Here is an example (attached).

The password is “primrose”

change it at your leisure using the same methods mentioned above.

MAC systems probably do something very similar.