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There are lessons to be learned everywhere in our American economy. First of all, the government does not operate like the free market and capitalism. Governments anywhere around the world operate only under Socialist circumstances. They take money from you by virtue of you living in their safe, secure system. Kings and Vassals offered similar protection from raiders interested in sacking the Kingdom in the feudal structure, but the serfs and commoners were the frontline.
We citizens are now the frontline, yet no one is teaching sound, fiscal responsibility to the commoners. They are left to their own devices. In the streets of Southside Chicago, capitalism is alive and well, where a hierarchical system is established to reinforce mechanism that allow the perpetuation of the sale and practice of illicit drug activities. The frontline are the users and snitches. Why can’t we tap into the natural understanding of economics and street savvy if it comes natural to people on the streets of Southside Chicago? Why can’t we show people, under these natural circumstances, how to eliminate debt, save money, bolster their business enterprises, and eventually apply their skills in economics to something other than drugs?
Apple is investing in inmates at San Quentin prison, by teaching them how to become CEOs of new tech companies or opportunities. To many, teaching criminals to become CEOs of future fortune 500 companies is nothing new, because most CEOs are criminals anyways.