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I am a beginning blogger, but I have so much information to share. I recently wrote a brief E-Book for both Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook entitled, “BIE BIE DEBT: HOW TO BUDGET IN EXCEL.” In that book I show, through four different scenarios, how people learn to easily set up their budgets in Microsoft Excel, which you the reader could also follow along and do. Reading Dave Ramsey’s books are great, but no where does anyone actually teach you step by step in setting up a budget in Excel so you can see results in front of you appear before your eyes! I tried to do that in my E-Book. Once you can see your budget mapped out in front of you, you begin to realize and anticipate future expenses are totally doable, so long as you stick to your budget! If I can do it, in which I eliminated 40,000 dollars in less than 2 years, you can do it too!