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Undoubtedly many of you are suffering from holiday overspending and are drunk and hungover. You are contemplating a new years resolution, and think you should lose weight. Why not focus on getting out of debt instead? The nation is starting to turn its collective coarse on economics and beginning to get out of debt, as individuals learn how to implement Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball into practice. Indeed, getting out of debt is much easier and doable than losing weight. Many people become disinterested in losing weight after only a short period of time, but eliminating debt and freeing yourself from debt slavery is exhilarating. Once you begin climbing out of debt, it turns into an obsessive compulsive passion. You begin to eliminate small, seemingly insignificant debts, but realize that each time you do, you give yourself minor yet significant increases in pay otherwise known as a raise, because you save money that you would otherwise allocate towards nagging, lingering debts. Good luck to you in the new year, and help America reverse its fiscal coarse by doing your small part to help out by helping yourself first.