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As part of my on-going discussions about budgeting-in-Excel:




I wanted to discuss some fundamentals to practicing getting out of financial debt:

1. Restraint – learn to say “NO” to purchases when your B.I.E (Budget-In-Excel) does not show positive monthly growth (or savings) from month to month. 

2. Persistence – learn to impress your abilities of managing your B.I.E. onto others, your positive energy will help encourage others and spread to them. 

3. Tithe – learn to give to others in the form of tithing at your church, or teaching them how to budget in a B.I.E. like yours. This is similar to the old motto, “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat forever.”

4. Explore – teach others that if you simply envision your budget in Excel by mapping it out into the future, even if you temporarily use hypothetical figures that you think you could make from working, it may actually light a fire in them and make them go out and look for a job, because the power to get out of debt is actually within their reach – it is within ANYONE’S REACH!

5. Time Management – your time is money, and not everyone is entitled to waste it. If you start to view your time as extremely important, than those who regularly seek out vulnerable people will find that you are strong in the mind, and avoid you. They will know you are untouchable, and determined to save money and win at getting out of debt. 

Find your copy of B.I.E. at the links above, and start your path towards prosperity today!